Friday, July 31, 2015

My children's vacation!

Over the past 10 days, my boys and their cousin have been staying with my in-laws in Bandera. This was the first time that my in laws have kept them for more than two days and the longest time they have been away from us. 

I must say, it was rough the first few days getting used to the quiet, the cleanliness, the ability to do my own thing! But I really did miss them. 

Every few days I would get a text from my mother in law with a few pictures and a quick update. They seemed to have a blast. 

My in laws have 20 acres out in Bandera so the kids can go crazy. They were able to go hiking and look for Texas Heart Clams...

they roasted marshmallows in their fire pit...

they went to the water park, had a picnic, and floated in the river...

they visited an apple orchard and restaurant...

They came home last night and I feel whole again. Some day soon, they will move away and I will have to change up my life to start a new normal. But today, my kids are home and all is right in the world!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nursing school classmate's wedding

If I had to plan a wedding during nursing school, I think I would go completely bonkers, and yet 2 girls have done it this year. 

I was invited to a wedding this weekend for my nursing school classmate, Courtney and it was lovely! Even though it was an outdoor wedding in the South Texas heat of July, it was beautifully shaded and it was not bad at all!

She looked lovely. 

My other classmate, Taylor, and I went together and took a few pictures of each other and the decorations. Very nice. 

We are so happy for these two!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ladies outings

I have decided, after basically locking myself in my home all last year to get my studying done, I will not be doing that this year. 

I will no longer be turning down all invitations to go places, I will no longer be avoiding taking my children more places because of school work, and I will do my best to just do what I can and let the rest go. Life is short. 

So this week, I had two days of school and two days of clinical at our local health department. Basically, I gave people vaccinations all day. 

BUT! In fun news, my friends and I got together twice in one week to spend some time together!

Tuesday night we went to see Magic Mike XXL. 

Now we saw the first one, and it was entertaining. So of course, we had to see the sequel. Um, it was bad. It was really bad. It had so many different poor story lines going and there were only a couple of "stripping" scenes. Sad face. 

Then last night, we got together for sushi and Hairspray at the theater. 

So much fun! I love live theater, especially musical theater, and Hairspray is amazing, and it is set in 1962, and, and, and....I loved it. 

I hope to be able to spend more time with friends each week. I will not let nursing school run my life anymore!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Creative kids

My kids are surprisingly trying to be creative this summer. 

Caleb started creating his own video game, complete with graphics, sounds, and voice overs. It's taken him several weeks but he finally has a trailer out advertising it. 

He's pretty cute!

Now Jansen has decided to create his own youtube food show called Tasting with Jansen Superguy46. This afternoon, Caleb recorded him as he made chocolate chip muffins and he posted it just a bit ago. 

I'm happy that they are trying to do something fun and creative this summer, while working together. 

Fun times!