Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of the year for the boys

Caleb and Jansen have both finished their 2008-2009 school year and I am proud to announce my new Preschool 4 and 1st Grader!!! I am so proud of them both. May had to have been the most busy month yet, even busier than March due to the end of school festivities for each child, my work schedule, weddings, babies etc. Caleb received the Bookworm Award at school and was very excited to participate in his Kindergarten program. Jansen completed Preschool 3 and loved the Red, White, and Blue Parade and Picnic that his school hosted for them. Honestly, time is going so fast and I cannot believe that my youngest child is going into Kindergarten next year! AGH!!! At the end of it all, Jansen turned 4 and had an awesome American Idol party and he now shares his birthday with my best friend, Kara's, new son Andrew Keaton Davis. We are in for a busy summer!!!!!