Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monster Jam!!!!!

It's Monster Jam time again so we took our boys with some of our friends to NRG Stadium to enjoy some time together. 

As usual...the boys had a blast!

I doubt they will ever grow out of Monster Jam. There is just something about huge trucks, trick stunts, and demolition that appeals to boys of all ages. 

And, the boys made it onto the Jumbotron!!!!!

The final semester of nursing school has begun!

This is it folks!

The final semester of nursing school has begun. 

We are finished with our course work and are going to be using this Spring semester to focus on our preceptorship. 

The first two weeks back, we did a crash course in Obstetrics. Boy, it was worth it. 

We practiced checking for dilation and effacement and then breaking the amniotic sac. 

We also worked on delivering babies with should dystocia and turning breech babies. 
Then we sat and tried to patiently wait for our preceptor match. 

Finally, last week, I was matched with UTMB Angleton-Danbury ICU. I am so excited!!!!!!! I start tomorrow. 30 twelve hour shifts stand in between me and graduation. I'm hoping that I learn enough, and make a good enough impression that I can get hired on there this summer. 

Here's to a busy final semester and then after graduation and NCLEX, I will be an RN. YAY!  Countdown to May 5!!

Carnival Freedom-last few days

We hardly even saw Caleb on the boat. This time, he was just too busy with his friends to be hanging out with us. Jansen came back every day to have lunch with me at Guy's burgers, but then he was gone. I love that they were both just enjoying the heck out of themselves!

The last night, the casino delivered some goodies...and it included a free cruise!!!!

Josh and I booked said free cruise for this summer....7 days to Key West and the Bahamas. We have never been on a cruise alone. I guess the 10th time is the charm. 

This trip was by far, our most successful. Not one person sulked, griped, complained, fought, none of that. For 7 full days, we did our own thing, came together for activities, and just enjoyed our time together. 

Carnival Freedom-Cozumel, Mexico

The final port on our cruise was good old Cozumel. I had never been to the port just to relax and shop, so that was my main plan for the day. 

When we woke up, Caleb and Jansen had already both made plans with friends on the ship in their clubs. They would not be getting off the boat. So that meant that Josh and I could grab some breakfast and stroll off the boat for some time together. 

We hit up Fat Tuesday on the way off the boat to hang out, and get something to eat. Delicious!

The water in Cozumel is just so beautiful! I love it here. 

Then we just took our time shopping, and spending time together. We got some goodies at Ron Jon, grabbed some bamboo sheet sets, and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather. 

It was easy on and easy off the boat. 

We spent the next two days on the boat just chillin'.

Carnival Freedom Cruise-Belize

Wednesday was yet another new port to us. 

We had to tender and get on a little boat to get to the pier. 

Honestly, I was expecting the water to just be gorgeous blue and it was brown like our beach water. A little disappointing, but hey, we were in Belize! It was time to have some fun. 

We had an airboat adventure planned and it did not disappoint! The bus ride there was comfortable and only took about 20 minutes. The guide was incredible. She was very personable, had a ton of information, and was just over all a very friendly person. 

Once we arrived at the park, we grabbed some sodas and sat down for a quick safety briefing. Caleb was not super excited about this ride. He was a little scared, but we knew he would enjoy it once we went, so I just kept encouraging him. 

Our two kids were the only children on this excursion and they were so good. Jansen was loving this airboat. 

We sat in the front so we occasionally got a fine mist of cool water on us. The guides gave us little bingo cards that had photos of various wildlife in the area...manatees, birds, crocodiles, etc. 

It was a blast to be coasting 40 miles an hour in the open water. Super fun!

Jansen was beaming as we got off the boat. He counted this as the best excursion ever! How great. 

After the ride, we grabbed some bottled water, purchased a couple of the photos, and got back onto the air conditioned bus. Jansen actually took a nap on the ride back. 

Count that as another successful excursion!