Sunday, January 31, 2016

The final semester of nursing school has begun!

This is it folks!

The final semester of nursing school has begun. 

We are finished with our course work and are going to be using this Spring semester to focus on our preceptorship. 

The first two weeks back, we did a crash course in Obstetrics. Boy, it was worth it. 

We practiced checking for dilation and effacement and then breaking the amniotic sac. 

We also worked on delivering babies with should dystocia and turning breech babies. 
Then we sat and tried to patiently wait for our preceptor match. 

Finally, last week, I was matched with UTMB Angleton-Danbury ICU. I am so excited!!!!!!! I start tomorrow. 30 twelve hour shifts stand in between me and graduation. I'm hoping that I learn enough, and make a good enough impression that I can get hired on there this summer. 

Here's to a busy final semester and then after graduation and NCLEX, I will be an RN. YAY!  Countdown to May 5!!

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