Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's FINALLY Christmas day!

Christmas day came and went like a hurricane. The boys had a wonderful morning. I always wonder if they will actually like what they got, but this year, we scored a home run. 

Jansen set out snacks for Santa the night before. Incidentally, the snacks were made by Nana (super delicious) and the drink was just milk. Jansen set out a little light for Santa to help him see the goodies in the middle of the night. He is very considerate. 

After a loud "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!" call through the house, the hubs and I retired to bed, happy with how everything looked. 

Now, I don't know if kiddos got up in the middle of the night to check things out, but judging from their reaction, I doubt it. 

Jansen kept saying..."I have no speak of words right now", which is the really complicated way to say that he was speechless. 

His big gift was a pair of gold Monster headphones that he had been wanting since he saw them over the summer. 

Caleb's big deal was getting anything dealing with Five Nights at Freddy's...pillow, shirt, wristband, flashlight... He was thrilled.

Then we got them SPLATOON, which they have been dying for since it came out early in the year. By the way, they already beat the game. sigh. 

But we were able to hang out and enjoy the morning before we went to spend time with my mom's side of the family for lunch, and then to Josh's grandparents' house for dinner. 

I was so happy to be able to have Josh home with us on Christmas day for the first time in over 10 years. Usually we have to do Santa either at 3:30 in the morning before he goes to work on days, or at 5:00 in the morning as he is coming home from graveyards to sleep the day away. We are super blessed. 


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