Friday, April 29, 2016

Nursing school graduation photos

My good friend Crystal and I got together to take some graduation photos to document the fact that I am officially done with nursing school!!! I did it! Holy crap, I did it. 

I'm just sitting back waiting for our pinning ceremony and graduation ceremony next week. Once I have officially gotten my diploma, I can schedule my NCLEX licensure exam that officially makes me able to practice as an RN in the state of Texas. 

Crystal did a great job! She was definitely up for anything and we bounced ideas off of each other, even spur of the moment. 

I wanted to take some pictures with my pinning dress on and then more pictures in my scrubs. So happy with how they turned out. So without further are my graduation photos!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Graduation cap decorating party

Now that all our requirements for school is over and all we are doing will be attending a week long Kaplan review, I hosted a graduation cap decorating party for some of my classmates. We had fun!


We bought a new house!

As if things are not stressful enough with me finishing up nursing school, studying for my licensure exam, the end of school for the boys, and just life in general, we are selling our house and buying a new one. 

We are so excited!

We close on both houses on June 1st, so I am trying to get graduated and get my license before then. 

I'm so trying to focus on the last week of school, taking practice tests to I can officially be an RN, and start to look for jobs, but all I want to do is plan how to make this new house our own. Pinterest is killing me!!!

Anyway, in about 5 weeks, we will be moving into this house...

complete with a covered patio and pool and a huge game room over the detached garage. This house has everything we could ask for. Love it and can't wait to move in!!! 

But first, I need to attend my pinning ceremony and graduation next week, study for and pass my NCLEX, and then I can start prepping for the new house!