Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Final day of precepting

I have officially completed 30 12-hour shifts in the ICU at UTMB ADC. 

It was a crazy, fun, scary, entertaining, exhausting, educational, stinky, nerve-wracking, hilarious time with my preceptor, Tyra and her matrix. A few times we floated to Med Surg, and a couple of days I spent with other nurses, but I am super, mega thankful for being matched with Tyra. We were able to click pretty early on and it became a very fun relationship. She has a relaxed and helpful teaching style which I felt very refreshing having been matched with some real jerks over the past two years. 

Honestly, jerks. I'm not kidding. Overwhelmingly, nurses as a profession are not very friendly to their own. They are profoundly compassionate to their patients but profoundly catty and jerky to their coworkers and students. This is something that I found in every location I was in, I took it for face value, and just tried to learn what I could and not get involved in the back biting and honest to goodness bitchery. 

Tyra....and many of the other staff members on her matrix, were not that way. At least if they were, I didn't see it...and I function on the fact that if I didn't see it, it didn't happen. I got along so well with Tyra. She LOVED her patients. She had unbelievable amounts of patience with them. She has a sweet spirit and a feisty personality that I could really enjoy. 

I celebrated her birthday with a gift basket, and the same day she celebrated me with a nurse caddy filled with goodies. 

She bought us matching bracelets.

I sent her flowers.

She had her super talented sister make me a cake on my final day there. 

She was fun and I already miss her. I miss her saying everyday at around 9am, "I'm hungry like the wolf." I miss her standing at the Pyxis with a quizzical look on her face as she starts the next sentence with, "Here's what...." 

I'll miss her but dang, I am glad it's over. There are only a few things left to finish up before graduation!!!!

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