Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter was really fun this year. We tried something different to color our eggs this time. Caleb always really hates the smell of the vinegar when dyeing them, so we tried the shaving cream method. 

Jansen over mixed his so most of his eggs turned out a bit brown, but Caleb's had a great swirls to them. The only thing he didn't like was actually touching them in the cream. 

It was an excellent sensory experience for him!

I think they are beautiful. 

On Easter morning, I set out baskets...well...hats filled with goodies. The boys are getting older and they are less into the whole babyish basket ordeal. 

They were so cute. I loved it!

After church they hunted eggs at Nana and Pops' house and racked up on the change. 

It was a fun day for all!

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