Thursday, September 26, 2013

Campfire cake

My husband's birthday was Monday, and we are going camping with his parents and my nephew this weekend. I thought that I would put together a little party in our camper tomorrow night with a camping theme. 

Since I don't really have a great handle on my camper oven yet, I decided to go ahead and make the cake here, and transport it with us. Ugh. The transport is always the scariest part. 

Anyway, here is the cake....

The kids were really excited about it, and they can't wait to get the decorations up once we get settled into our campsite. 

I wish I didn't have so much school work to get done so that I could just enjoy this as a family get-a-way, but I will be bringing all my work with me. I simply cannot afford to take three days off and not do any work. Is it December 10th yet???

Friday, September 20, 2013

Front row seats to Mumford and Sons

Several months ago, I was able to get front row seats to see my husband's favorite band, Mumford and Sons. They were coming to Houston right around Father's Day and it seemed like the perfect gift for him. We LOVE to go to concerts!

I signed up for email alerts on their website, and happened to be online when I received an email with a private invitation for fan lists only to buy tickets. By the time I got on the website, I was able to buy front row tickets. That never happens to me. We have never been closer than about 20 rows, so this was super exciting. 

Josh was more than excited, but just a couple days before the concert, Mumford and Sons had to cancel due to a health scare from one of the band members. They thankfully rescheduled for September 17th, and the hubs and I raced to Houston for a really fun time. 

We had dinner at Benihana and then headed to the Pavilion where we found out....the stage is air conditioned and the first few rows can feel it. This is an outdoor theater in South is sweltering out there. Being in the front row, I was actually cold! We had a perfect view, plenty of leg room, snacks, and air conditioning. It was perfection!!

My husband had the BEST time. I thought they were good but he is a true fan. He screamed like a 9 year old boy getting a bike on Christmas morning! 

They put on a terrific show and we both could not have been more pleased. Two huge thumbs up for Mumford and Sons!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Uninterrupted time...

Uninterrupted time. It's a rarity at my house. There are so many things that I would love to get done while the kids are in school, that I often can't get everything done. The most important thing is studying. 

This semester, I am in class from 8-1:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in the morning on Fridays. There is a considerable amount of work associated with this class including several projects, homework assignments, a presentation, and a microbial "unknown" to decipher, in addition to the tests and online coursework. 

So in the evenings, when I need to study for lab quizzes, I go into my room and close the door. There is a constant flow of people into the room and it frustrates the heck out of me.

I have now created this sign...

Beware. I have no patience. This is my last semester before nursing school starts next summer and I really need this final "A". December 10th...I am looking forward to you already!