Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My very first, cook Christmas dinner for the whole family, Christmas

With Josh's grandmother having passed away last year and his parents moving to Bandera, we lost a couple of Christmas locations. It only seemed appropriate for the torch to be passed on to us to host a family Christmas and I was ready to try to cook everything myself. 

I started off with a ton of cleaning and decorating...

I decided to make: Honey ham, green bean casserole, 4 cheese macaroni and cheese, yeast rolls, corn dip and crackers, and banana pudding....none of which I have ever made before. 

But it all turned out pretty good. Things were a little cold by the time everyone got there, because some arrived a bit late, and my macaroni was in the crock pot a little too long, but it was tasty. I can't complain!

This was just the beginning...

We had a really good time. It was nice to have everyone together and enjoying their company!

We stuffed ourselves..

and then we opened presents...

We are so blessed!

Then after everyone left, my friend Carmela came over to watch the I Love Lucy Christmas Special...and she brought Vitameatavegemin that she created!!! 

Cool things :)

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