Sunday, January 31, 2016

Carnival Freedom-last few days

We hardly even saw Caleb on the boat. This time, he was just too busy with his friends to be hanging out with us. Jansen came back every day to have lunch with me at Guy's burgers, but then he was gone. I love that they were both just enjoying the heck out of themselves!

The last night, the casino delivered some goodies...and it included a free cruise!!!!

Josh and I booked said free cruise for this summer....7 days to Key West and the Bahamas. We have never been on a cruise alone. I guess the 10th time is the charm. 

This trip was by far, our most successful. Not one person sulked, griped, complained, fought, none of that. For 7 full days, we did our own thing, came together for activities, and just enjoyed our time together. 

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