Monday, January 26, 2009

New blogs. Last year was not the best year for our family, but definitely not the worst. So we are looking forward to brighter days; days spent without worry about the house and various responsibilities that are not as important as originally perceived. We are looking for days spent as a family. Quality of life, quality of time, quality of everything Caleb and Jansen!

For those of you who know Caleb, he is our constant challenge. He has AS and ADHD and he has completely changed our lives. We struggle with him and it is finally starting to pay off. This has been his first year of school...kindergarten, and he has made so much progress. He still doesn't like to play with other kids, he doesn't like sports, and still has a lot of speech and sensory issues we are all working through, but he is developing some major talents. His passions include reading, Mario, Monster trucks, art, puzzles. I try to find the balance of providing him lots of alone time to enjoy the things he loves, but to also push him a little to learn to socialize with other children.

Jansen is our extrovert. He is interested in all things social. When Jansen enters a room, he wants to be noticed and he usually is. Jansen has been in preschool this year 3 days a week and it has been the best thing for him. Rarely does he meet a stranger and we really wanted to get him involved with typically developing kids his own age and he loves it. At this time, he loves to eat, to play with cars and trucks, loves Speed Racer and Iron Man, and loves to play with his big brother.

We will post as we can, pictures and blogs about family, vacations, ideas, etc. Happy blogging!

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