Monday, January 10, 2011

Homemaker Monday...

Today, I am on fire!!!

Early to rise and cooking a hot breakfast was on my list for today, since it is SUPER cold this morning. In the winter, we don't usually run our heater at night because it rarely gets mega-cold on the Texas Gulf Coast, so our house typically stays somewhere in the 60's. We just put on our flannel pj's, some socks, and about 4 big blankets on the bed. In the morning when we drag, I mean POP ourselves out of bed and it is super cold...time to whip out the scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and toast.

On top of that, I was fully dressed, from head to toe, as I cooked. Go ME!!!

Jansen and I had a Parent/Teacher conference with his teacher this morning at 7:30 that went very well. She is very happy with his progress this year and gave us some really helpful ideas to improve his reading. He is reading at a good pace, but needs to develop some inflection in his voice. She recommended taping him as he reads so he can watch it and hear how he reads. Can do!

Now it is 9:45am, laundry is almost done, blueberry cheesecake muffins are in the oven, Taco Soup is on the stove, and we are ready for piano lessons tonight!

Menu for the week:
Monday- Taco Soup
Tuesday- Spicy Southwest Macaroni and Cheese
Wednesday- Fried chicken and baked potatoes
Thursday- Hamburger Helper (because that's how I roll by the end of the week)
Friday-Leftovers and croissants

Let's hope this flame continues for the rest of the week!!!

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  1. WTG for posting your weekly menu. I really try to do that but sometimes inspiration doesnt hit me till the day..:)