Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tie Dye gathering

In preparation for our school's 70's party in two weeks, a few of the PTO moms gathered at my house last night to tye die some shirts.

We let the kiddos play, got some pizza, tons of die and got to work. I mixed up some RIT in a few squeeze bottles and my friend, Crystal brought some spray. Each person banded their own design and then we cut some stencils out of plastic plates, and sprayed designs onto the shirts. 

It was pretty much a freestyle session. We just experimented with designs and techniques until we go what we were looking for. It was super fun. 

We made shirts for ourselves and our kiddos. My three are the last ones: Caleb's is blue, Jansen's is blue and green, and mine is the bottom one. I got the shirt big so that I can gather it at the bottom on the side and tie it with a scrunchy. Old school fun!

We are ready for this party!

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