Saturday, December 14, 2013

End of the semester

Grades are in.... and I have a 4.0 baby! 

I am so thankful and I really feel like I worked hard for those grades. 

This week, I made a visit to one of my professors this semester and had a really great heart-to-heart. This semester was a struggle. A REAL struggle. This last course was something that I just couldn't figure out how to study for, and although my professor was very jovial and fun, I thought things were very disorganized and and was thrown off by lab and the lack of guidance she provided. 

About six weeks in, I had enough. I had a world class meltdown, actually cried in lab, and cursed the day that I signed up for the class. I met with her, and after speaking to her, I really changed my whole attitude. It seemed like the way to go would be to expect the unexpected, and instead of complaining and getting bogged down on how unfair I thought things were, I decided to just suck it up buttercup and change my outlook. 

I threw myself into that class full force. I prepped, and prayed, and did my best to keep my emotions in check. Some days that worked better than others but for the most part, I felt personal growth. 

Thursday, I checked my grades and found I got an A in that class. I literally cried for a moment. Then I emailed my professor. 

I met with her, and she listened to me, explained a lot, and really made her teaching style make sense. While I went in thinking one way, I came out of her office thinking another. She emphasized the hands-off nature of the class as a strategy. One that I initially fought against, but learned to appreciate. She explained that she observed us all semester, giving us the opportunity to think critically and develop problem solving skills. She emphasized that these are skills that people either have or they do not have. She needed to see that in her students. She saw that in me. She noticed all the things that I had been working so hard on and that was very validating for me.

It's one thing to hear encouraging words from your friends and family, but it is another to hear it from someone who really has no stake in your success other than to teach you a semester. She said that she saw me as a leader in the class and that it seemed like I set the tone. When I was positive about something, the class seemed more positive and when I showed signs of stress, the class did as well. It was interesting to hear her say that because I had about 5 classmates texting, emailing, and calling me through the semester for support and for help. I enjoy helping others. If I am able to do it, I want to help. So it was gratifying to hear her say she noticed. 

She gave me some great advice and even suggested that I continue going on to get my Masters. Having spoken with her at the end of the semester really put the whole 16 weeks in perspective. I understood her methods. They made a lot of sense. I am so glad it is over though! Moving on to the holiday season! 

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