Monday, March 10, 2014

Sports success for the most stubborn child in the world!

For those of you who know Jansen, you know that he is a hilarious, sweet, loving, helpful, kind-hearted, child. He is also a bit lazy and is the most stubborn child in the world. 

When he was three, we put him in soccer, and he literally stood like a statue on the field. The coach got onto the field and physically lifted him and moved him around the field. I was so embarrassed. But he was not into it. 

I am the type of parent that wants to expose my children to a wide variety of activities in hopes that they will find their passion, or at least an enjoyment of something extracurricular. The only thing Jansen has been interested in is food and eating. Nothing excites him more that food. He turns into this giggly, super happy kid. I am ok with that, and will nurture that aspect. We put him in a summer cooking class, he cooks with me in the kitchen, and we are planning to take a tour of the Culinary Institute of America. But all the eating combined with being a naturally lazy child is not healthy. 

We offered soccer, football, basketball, to all. I am certainly not going to force him to do anything because I don't want to fight that battle. But he chose tennis, was excited about it, and so we found a coach and got started. 

He loves it! He is so motivated and proud of himself. He is out there running, moving, and having a great time. His coach told me this weekend that he has some natural talent and that he is about three lessons ahead of where she normally begins teaching. So encouraging! We talked with him about how he can continue to play through intermediate and high school and maybe through college if he wants. But our house rule is once you commit to an activity, you must continue for a year minimum. So far so good. He is having a blast!!!

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