Friday, September 12, 2014

The first home Aggie game of the season, and the Texans season opener

So I haven't posted anything in almost 4 weeks and I blame it all on nursing school. It is intense. Like, for real. No joke intense. But more of that later.

Right now I need to catch up with other events going on in the Powell household. The definition of Fall in our season.

It begins with my Fightin' Texas A&M Aggies. The kids and I took a quick trip there right before school started and got a first hand view of the new Kyle Stadium as it was being built. They are doing tons of renovations but the first phase is complete and it is ready for the first home game of the season.

I wish we could have been there. But what is the next best thing? Watching it from the air conditioned comfort of our home with free snacks!

My kids were ready. It was a great game. We won!

The very next day, it was time to get our Texans on! Another great game.

I had my JJ Watt jersey on, and we were ready to win this.

Thankfully, we won.

Nothing says weekends in Fall like football. We are excited to be going to the game against the Buffalo Bills on the 28th for the hubs' birthday.

That's the first thing on the list once I graduate with my RN and go back to work....we are reinstating our Texans traditions and purchasing those PSL's. :) I look forward to the 2016 season!!!

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