Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1963 Shasta Compact painted cabinets and decor

I cannot wait until this summer when I finally have some time to try this little camper out. With me still being in nursing school, I can only work on Lucy in very short spurts every once in a while. 

While the bathroom still needs updating, I think things in the main part of the camper are about 95% complete. 

The cabinet doors got a new coat of Exotic Blue paint and the hardware got a quick spray of metallic silver. It made such a huge difference to have a bit of contrast. 

I finished things out with the new pillows, lighting, and cute name banner hanging over the table. 

The mini refrigerator is on order and is portable. It's just large enough to hold about a 6 pack of drinks and a package of deli meat and cheese. It's on backorder from Pottery Barn Teen, so while I would love to have it right this very minute, I have the time to wait. How adorable is that aqua pool blue color?!

Eventually I will replace the toilet in the bathroom, add some tap lighting, and hang a clear shower curtain to separate the shower stall and toilet. 

Now, do I add faux tin tiles to the ceiling or not. That is the question.


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