Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's been two months!

Gosh! What's wrong with me? It's been two months since I posted and our lives have been going full speed ahead. 

I'll try to get all my photos and events posted in individual posts, but on to the quick update:

I've been working at my new job for almost 3 months now. At first it was rocky. Not because I don't like my school or my co workers, but because I was trying to figure out a new job. I know how to be a nurse, but being a school nurse is taking some figuring out. Now that I am almost to the first major holiday of the school year, it seems like I have a better routine. Things aren't always easy, and I still have some anxiety about the professional relationships I am building, but it's good. It was a good decision to join this team. The teachers have all been very nice, I love the administration at my school, and there's a nice spirit in the building. I really couldn't ask for anything more. The thing I am dealing with the most is the autonomy. It's great and right up my alley, but that also means that I get lost in the shuffle. I'm not a teacher, I don't see the teachers every day, and I have to work harder to remember everyone and make sure to try to be as much a part of the team as possible. This will come with time. 

Caleb and Jansen are cruising through school. Caleb is in symphonic band and they are pretty active. He has band sectionals Thursday mornings at 7am and private lessons on Fridays until 5:15. Right now he is at Regionals. He's loving band. 

Jansen is in beginner band this year playing trumpet. He's enjoying that as well. He's also in drama but he doesn't want to continue that next year. He joined the choir and likes it. He has a lovely preteen voice. I'm glad he found something he likes.

Joshua is working as usual. He has been working a bit extra so that he can be off for our Texans games. That has been worth every penny we spent because it gives us plenty of fun times as a family. We are loving it!

So that is the quick version...more individual posts to come!

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