Sunday, November 6, 2016

South African friends visit

When Josh and I were on our cruise over the summer, we made friends with the Park West Gallery auctioneer and his fiance. Wouter and Tineke are from South Africa and were on the Carnival Breeze until October, when their contract was up. 

On the cruise, we were chatting about various things and the subject of football came it. It just so happened that the day their contract ended was the same day of a home game for the Texans. Josh offered to take them to their first ever American football game. 

We were excited, but it was 4 months away. Fast forward 4 months and October 16 was finally here. 

At 7am we left to go pick them up from the Starbucks at the port in Galveston. We brought them back to our house to chill by the pool. We drove around our neighborhood on our golf cart showing them the subdivision. 

The guys went to Academy while the girls took naps. Then we took them for lunch at the Wursthaus and then got dressed for the game. 

We got there a bit early so that they could experience the outside activities. 

Then we ran into some other cruising friends of theirs and spent some time with them for a while. 

The game was a nail biter...but we won. And the best part, was we were able to go onto the field after the game...just the 4 of us. I have never been on a football field like that before. It was amazing and surreal. 

I'm so glad they were able to come with us. It was so much fun!

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