Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to Irish basics

I love to color my hair. It's just hair right?! You can cut it, perm it, flat iron it, color it, roll it, braid it. The beautiful thing is that it is never permanent and it will always grow out. Thank goodness for that, as I have had some really really bad hair cuts. Last year, I dyed my hair dark brown with blonde highlights, and then I colored it 4 shades of blonde for a trip to Los Angeles. As the blonde was completed, I almost passed out reading the bill. So it grew and grew until I couldn't take it any more. Just take me back to my typical natural color please. Less maintenance, less expense, just regular old me. Check back with me in a few months when I will be complaining...My face is so white, my hair is too red...I think I will go dark.

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