Friday, March 27, 2009

Headless chicken

That is what I feel like. A complete headless chicken. Although, in all honesty, I should prepare myself for this every year. March Madness is in our house, as well as May Madness, and then followed by December Madness. Those months, always and without fail, turn out to be our busiest, craziest, hairiest months. This year there has been an abundance of babies. I guess those hot summer months are hot for a reason because 9 months later, babies are everywhere. Caleb's birthday, Spring Break, 4 baby showers, 1 tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy, 4 doctor's appointments, 1 wedding shower, Open House, Bunco, The Joy Ride, 3 birthday parties, 2 BBQ's, Spring Cleaning inside and out, preparing for two school Easter parties, and tons of work at both Josh and my jobs is covering our family calendar like a rainbow.

This year, Caleb had two parties. He had a family party, given by my mother in law mainly because Josh's side of the family would not be able to make it to his McDonald's party the following week. He chose McD's as the party place and quickly made his choices for friends to invite. That party is tonight and everyone is looking forward to it. Thank goodness for McDonalds. They provide everything, and we just have to show up and bring a cake.

My dad, who most of you know, is my #1 hero, will be losing his job in April. He desperately needs to have a double knee replacement, but he just won't do it. It is heartbreaking to watch him struggle to walk every day or to get up from his chair. We have all told him this is the time for the surgery, but he is insisting on trying to find another job. I can't imagine the feeling of being so close to retirement (in this terrible economy) and putting of a surgery that could change your life, just because you want to start all over in a new job. That is completely frightening from all angles. My parents are truly amazing!
Josh and I are so blessed. We both have jobs, two gorgeous children, we can pay our bills. We are so thankful and know that at any time, this could all change. I wake up every morning and thank God for all that he has blessed us with...things that we don't deserve but enjoy. And speaking of that....I went to a fantastic garage sale this morning. It was advertised to begin at 9 but Jansen has to be at school at 9 so I was a little late. Then when I got there I realized that it opened at 8:30. The reason I went was because I was looking at an air hockey table and a foosball table....both of which were sold by the time I arrived. But I was able to get Caleb a great new Rock-n-Roll shirt for next fall, a ceramic football bank for Jansen (he starts getting an allowance when he turns 4), a School Memories scrapbook for preschool-graduation, and a couple pots and pans that I had been wanting....all for the great low price of $2.75. My day has started off great!!

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