Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jansen's first cake

Jansen is four now and in a major helper mode. This is fantastic for me, because I am a great delegator and can give him tons of activities to keep him busy. This time, we wanted to make his Daddy a cake for his birthday, and I was a little nervous about a 4 year old using beaters and cracking eggs.

Contrary to popular belief, this child can be very focused and meticulous when he is really into something, which he was with baking this cake. Of course, I was a wreck. I HATE messes and getting dirty, so I forcasted showers of batter and storm clouds of flour. Jansen really surprised me. He poured everything, added the butter, I added the eggs, and he mixed it with the electric mixer. He even helped me ice the cake, and it turned out pretty good. Congrats to Jansen on baking his first cake, and Happy Birthday to Daddy!

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