Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bargain shopping...

I love a good bargain. Historically, I am the saver in our family. I enjoy being careful with my money, making lists, and searching for the right deal. To me, that is the part of shopping I love best. It's a matter of necessity for us, but even if is wasn't, it would be a choice for me. I love to shop, but my version of shopping includes only what I need at the time, not just shopping for retail therapy. My choice comes in when I can find some good deals on the things we need so that the extra money we have left afterward can be used on fun stuff for our family.

People don't like to talk about money and I have always wondered why that is. Suze Orman has always advocated learning about your friends and families (and your own) financial worth...but not so that we can lord it over eachother. And in these unsure economic times, it is important to be aware of what we do and don't have, and how we can help others, and become wiser financially.

Last year, Josh and I decided to get serious, tackle our debt, and become better financial stewards of the money that God has blessed us with. For years before Josh got his degree, we struggled, last year, it hit us. We were both working, and there was no point in prolonging the inevitable. We attacked it, using Dave Ramsey's plan, and suddenly, this became a game for me. We payed off student loans, payed off a vehicle, and two credit cards, leaving us this year (now on one income) with one credit card, one loan, and one car payment, besides our mortage. The repayment will be slow. One income makes it more difficult.
I love Dave Ramsey. But we are not living it to a T, but pretty close. I highly recommend checking into the 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom.

But back to today, I spent a grand total of $26.56 for my loot. I got 2 2L bottles of soda (to be donated to our school for Fall Festival), 2 bags of pretzels (for Fun Friday), a bag of M&Ms, a head of lettuce, a 2 pound package of lunchmeat, 2 divided dishes for the boys, a white serving platter, 2 Old Navy shirts, a Gymboree vest, a Tony Hawk shirt, and an inflatable Football goal and football (for a birthday gift.) These are all things that my family needed...not just things that I bought because I had a coupon for it.

Now to find Josh a Christmas present!!!!

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