Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventures in holiday baking

This past month has really been my first opportunity to start practicing baking. If you even remotely know me, you know that I absolutely hate to cook. Unfortunately, since I am home now, I have been working on learning how to cook, beginning with the very basics. I still hate it and just don't feel very creative when doing it.

Baking, however, makes me feel very accomplished, even though I am still learning. With my family, there are so many opportunities every month to bake, so I am getting really excited to continue working up different things. The bonus to this is that even though Caleb rarely eats anything, he loves any kind of baked product. I started with homemade blueberry muffins, then went to banana bread, then to cupcakes and cookies, and now to cakes. Caleb will eat all kinds of veggies as long as they are shredded up in a muffin/bread/cake. After the holiday baking is finished this week, my goal is to make something new for Caleb to eat each help fortify his lunch of granola bars, goldfish, and fruit.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas. MAJOR baking times for home and for school. Am I the only one who is completely in love with doing things for my kids' schools? I love putting goodie bags together, baking cookies and cupcakes, wrapping up holiday gifts. This is my FAVORITE time of year!!!!!

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