Thursday, November 12, 2009

My opinion on Carrie Prejean

I debated on whether or not to even write this blog as I hate to give Ms. Prejean an extra attention or thought, and reluctantly I decided to blog about it. Honestly, how many people really read this blog anyway? It's not like my humble opinions will be making the same kind of splash that Ms. Prejean made.

First let me begin by saying that I have seen too much of her on TV lately. Now what started America's fascination with Ms. Prejean is her traditional and conservative opinion regarding same-sex marriage on the televised "scholarship program" for Miss California. I don't dislike her for her answer, that she is morally opposed to same-sex marriage. She answered the question, which was, "What do YOU think?". On that I cannot fault her, although I disagree with her.

My major beef with her is that now, this "sex tape" has come out, and she is on my TV more than ever. I completely understand that she was young when this tape was recorded. As well, we all make mistakes, then grow into adulthood and have different views. So I can't even say that it is hypocritical for her to cite her religion as her foundation for opinions regarding same-sex marriage, and yet have taped herself in compromising positions.

She has gotten some unnecessary flack her stance, but she gets necessary flack for the topless photographs and sex tape. If that is what you want to do...far be it from me to say you can't take topless photos of yourself. HOWEVER, please read the contract that you sign when competing for the Miss California title. If you know that you had a sex tape or nude/partially nude photographs of yourself at all, you need to disclose that or not sign the contract. Do not blame the fact that you were stripped of your title on the fact that you are against gay marriage. Blame it on your poor decision making skills.

I am living proof that you can have liberal views on some things and conservative views on others. So her conflict is a valid conflict, but she should not go on talk shows blaming her termination on her opinions. Have a little personal responsibility please.

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