Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In a land of testosterone

As millions of moms with boys will attest, raising a gaggle of young boys is a major undertaking. Whether you have 2, 3, 4, or more boys, you know this to be true. I, growing up as an only child, was surrounded by girly things and girly problems. From dolls to makeup, emotional tantrums and tears, calling friends just to talk to enjoying having clean hands, my life went on as any typical girl's would. Although, to my parents' detriment, I had a horrible sarcastic attitude with a fiercly strong will.

Now, happy with my attitude and strong will, I see this displayed in my youngest son with a vengence. Although at this point he does not think I am completely ridiculous, he does display a "my way or the high way" disposition. Thank goodness for Garnier, who has made the perfect match of hair coloring for my head.

Boys are unbelievable, even at 4 and 7. The beginning of my day often begins with walking into their rooms and exclaiming, "what is that smell?". We simply cannot have many nice things as boys are tactile and tend to seek and destroy. They fight like cats and dogs, wrestle each other to the ground, can break a brand new toy within 2 minutes, expend endless amounts of energy, ruin pair after pair of jeans to holes in the knees and grass stains, keep feathers and rocks in their pockets, but are blissfully black and white. Their emotions are held on their sleeves and have sensitive egos, but they are not grudge holders.

I remember myself as a growing girl, and for that I am thankful that my days consist of Transformers, Super Mario Brothers, Soccer, Kung Fu, and even the accidents from faulty aim.

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