Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unexpected goodies

Jansen is growing like a weed and can't seem to stay the same size for very long. He began the winter with a yellow coat that his brother used last year, and it is already too small for him only a month and a half later. Of course, in south Texas, we rarely need more than a good hooded sweater for the "winter", and when looking in my childrens' closets...there they are. However, this winter for us has been unusually wet and cold. So Jansen and I went on a mission to buy two new coats, one for him and one for me, preferably some that do dual duty for rain as well as cold.

We tried the Ross, JCPenney, The Children's Place, Target, and finally Kohls. Nothing for me, but ding, ding, ding....a huge rack of 80% boys winter wear. We found warm sweaters for $5.40 and his new all weather jacket for $10. That's right, TEN DOLLARS! WHOOHOO. We practically ran to the cashier.

Then Tuesday, I took my mom to the dentist, and killed some time at one of the thrift stores in town. Guess what? Brand new Adidas soccer cleats for Caleb for $1.00. That's right, ONE DOLLAR! Today, after I had my hida scan at the hospital, I went to the Bargain Box, because I love that place and I still hadn't found myself a heavy, all-weather coat. Yep, I found one! So excited am I. What was my grand total after leaving the store with: A women's heavy, all-weather coat, a new prayer book for Caleb (he LOVES to read), winter pajamas for Jansen (pajama day is Friday at his school), and a sweater for Caleb??????? My total was $9.20! DOUBLE WOOHOOO!!!!

Realized that I work best off a list. I keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge and write down things that we need and people's birthdays and such throughout the year and try to stick to buying only those things, and then look until I find it. Christmas, birthdays, and showers sneak up on people, so we keep a section of the closet for gifts I find during the year. Even though Jansen's birthday is in May, I usually find something early on sale in January and keep it until May. Every year, I use everything in that closet and then start in January building it back up. It's January...beware, I am shopping for deals! There are lots of babies to buy for this year! :)

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