Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas blessings...

Christmas at our house...

Christmas with Family....

Christmas with Nana and Pops!

We had a fantastic Christmas this year, full of family and fun. I got everything I wanted, and then some, and the kids had a very Angry Birds Christmas. That was the most asked for item on the list this year...anything with and Angry Bird on it.

Now with full bellies, full toy boxes, and less than full bank accounts, we look ahead to 2012 in excited anticipation. This past year was full of ups and downs in equal measure, and I am reminding myself to be thankful for both in equal measure as well.

Even though I am still feeling a little blue about the events of the past week, I am so happy about my life and those who are in it. Now to work on my New Year's Goals...which I am afraid, may look remarkably like 2011's goals. Work in progress :)

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