Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paula Deen's crock pot mac and cheese

This Christmas, my wonderful hubby bought me the GE 3 pot crock pot!!!! How could he have known that I wanted that???

But wait, you say. Christmas is still 4 full days away. Right you are, my friend. My husband is the biggest kid of them all. When he buys a gift, he just can't hold it in. You can see it in his face the moment he walks in the door. Usually you would think the giveaway would be the bags in his hands. But NO! He could leave them in the car, walk in the house, and be beaming from ear to ear. He can't wait.

This year, he made it all the way to December 13th. Can't blame him for trying. And I get to reap the benefits of his impatience.

So today, while he was sleeping, I plugged in the crockpot and threw a whole bunch of stuff into two of the pots, turned them on, and headed to the movies with my kids.

When we returned, lunch and dinner was ready. One pot held a beef and cheese lasagna, and the other held Paula Deen's mac and cheese. I have never made homemade mac and cheese correctly....until today!!!!

If you like macaroni and cheese, you have to try this recipe. It is just too easy and super delicious. You can also use other blends of cheeses to give it a different flavor, but I stuck to the recipe ( minus the eggs ) and it was perfect!

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