Monday, May 28, 2012

Holy Mighty Eagles Batman...

Last week, my husband got an unusual phone call from our credit card's fraud prevention, inquiring about an iTunes charge. I had purchased a few songs to add to our school's slide show presentation, but nothing that would have alerted fraud prevention.

Then he got THE EMAIL. It turns out that he was being charged $140 for the purchase of some in-app Mighty Eagles. How many Mighty Eagles? $21 worth....7 times!!!!!

Our son had purchased over $140 worth of Mighty Eagles, which is over 9,000 of them!!!! He couldn't us 9,000 Mighty Eagles if his life depended on it!

Holy Cannoli Roly Poly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we made a great little list of chores and money values. He is able to pick and choose what he would like to do to add up to $140 worth of activities. He is beginning with the household laundry.....

He is all smiles now, because he is only on his first load. Just wait until next week when he was still sorting and folding!

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