Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Transitioning to a pre-teen/teenager room

Our son, Caleb is almost 11 and is Autistic. He is doing wonderfully, but still is a bit behind. I would say, he has the mind of about an 8 or 9 year old. He just identifies better with younger children. 

However, when we challenge him a bit, he can usually rise to the occasion. Now that he is in intermediate school, we have told him no more character shirts, less character plush toys, and just an overall move toward more maturity. 

That said, it is time to redo his room a bit. He is obsessed with Nintendo, which is fine, but I wanted to make it a little more mature...some art work, etc. 

He chose his bedding, a chair, and a rug. I have searched the internet for art work that would be a bit older but still meet that Nintendo/Super Mario theme that he loves so much. 

My in laws are moving over 4 and a half hours away and won't be taking all of their furniture. So, Caleb is inheriting a full sized bed and headboard and a desk. We are on the lookout for a dresser and mirror and we are waiting for all his choices to be shipped. 

The Super Mario decals that we put all over his wall to create the feeling he is IN the game, ripped the paint off his walls. That was ok with me, because I wanted to repaint his walls anyway. We agreed on a nice, warm grey color to coordinate with his bedding. 

Here are a few of the things that he has picked out so far....

He chose this bedding...which shocked the heck out of me because there is no red in it. Red is his signature color!

He also chose this chair, which also shocked me since I was trying to encourage a large bean bag chair.

I had this made into a throw pillow made to put in the lime green chair....

He chose this rug, which will cover a portion of his laminate flooring. 

I ordered this artwork to go over his bed....he is LOVING it!

And we purchased some navy curtain panels to cover his two big windows. 

I am still looking at other forms of art work to go on his walls but don't want to order anything else until we get all the furniture in there. 

His headboard is one of those shelving/mirror headboards, so I am planning on covering the mirror with an upholstered square velcro-d to it. That way it covers up the mirror without damaging it. 

We cleaned out his room, organized his closet, and threw away 14 bags of trash and donated toys. Once the bed gets in, I will purchase some under-bed Rubbermaid containers to hold his massive amounts of Legos!

I cannot wait to get it done and he is surprisingly excited for the change. We are just at a stand still until everything comes in, so it may be another week or two until it is finished. It's ok though. It is going to be great!

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