Saturday, April 26, 2014

3rd grade research project....Character Can

When I was in elementary school at the same school that Jansen attends, we had to do a presentation, in character, of a famous historical figure. I was Helen Keller. It was a fun project to research the individual, write a biography, and then dress up and present it to the school.

Jansen came home yesterday with a project they have been working on and a Pringles can. Their assignment at home is to create a famous historical character out of the Pringles can. Guess who he got?

Helen Keller!

Oh don't let your 8 year old use a glue gun!

He made the skirt too short so it doesn't go all the way around the can. We don't need any wardrobe malfunctions! :)

I think it looks like Whoopie Goldberg but Jansen thinks it looks just like Helen Keller. It's all good...he's in the 3rd grade!