Sunday, April 27, 2014

Everybody's painting for the weekend!

I am no artist. 

Let's be honest. I love crafting and I love being creative, but as a painter, I fall painfully short. 

We live in a small town here is South Texas. Please understand, we are not riding horses to a one room school while Pa tends to the farmin' and Ma cooks the cornbread. We live close to the beach, have tons of stores and restaurants, but we have very few things to do for kids and families. 

My friend, Phoebe has been working on opening up one of those painting classes for quite some time now and is so very close to opening. She has a place in mind and is working to make sure all of her business ducks are in a row. 

Now, she is doing parties to get the word out, so my friend Carmela hosted a party at a local Italian restaurant so that we could eat, chat, and paint. 

We had a blasty blast. I am ok with how my artwork turned out, because this was a pretty difficult painting. But fun!

The first thing was that I got to see this awesome lady. She is just lovely and I never get to see her enough!!

 Then we just got to spend time laughing at how crazy hard but fun this was...

 Here is mine about half way through the painting...

Carmela's, Susan's, and Angela's all in a row...

 Break time...

My finished painting is on the right and Savannah's is on the left

And this is our finished products!

This was the group of myself and my friends, as well as my mother and some of her friends... and a couple-o-friends' kids :)

I can't wait until she gets a place because it will give us a place to go for some fun and it gives kids a chance to have parties there as well. Creativity at it's finest...

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