Monday, February 9, 2015

Minecraft Valentines

Normally I am a fan of non-candy related Valentines to be handed out by my children to their classmates. This is Jansen's final year in elementary school, which means it is the last year to hand out little Valentines, and since I am neck deep in nursing school chaos...well, I bended the rules.

It was quite the temptation, having dozens of Hershey bars sitting in my kitchen, let me tell ya.

Anyway, Jansen loves Minecraft, and honestly, who doesn't? I found this Minecraft image on Pinterest and proceeded to print tons of them off to attach to candy bars. It helps that these are Jansen's favorite candy as well.

He loves them. And they aren't too girly. That is always my kids' complaints. "We can't make anything too girly, Mom!"...followed by the eye roll, or a huff, or a groan.

Just for fun, let's visit some of the other Valentine ideas we have done in previous years, edible and non-edible.

Jansen did these in Kindergarten...aliens for boys and butterflies for girls

Caleb did these in 2nd grade (I think) and did pink flowers for girls and blue flowers for boys.

One year, they both gave glowsticks and then each sent snacks for a Valentine party. (Dipped oreos and rice krispy treats).

Another year they sent bouncey balls and more snacks for the party (white chocolate dipped heart Peeps).

Then another year, they sent rock star sunglasses. That year, I was assigned drinks for the Valentine party, so no goodies that time.

Oh boy...just looking back at all the fun and cute things we did during elementary is making me a little misty-eyed. Sunrise, sunset....

Anyway, Valentine's Day is this weekend everyone. Make sure you are prepared to love on your peeps!!!

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