Sunday, February 8, 2015

Physical therapy/transport in service

Things are getting pretty serious up in here. We had orientation for our clinical sites: the hospital in Lake Jackson, the hospital in Angleton, and a nursing home in Clute. YIPES!!!!!!!!

Last week was bizarre, as it is seeming like our schedule changes week by week. I know this is something to get used to as nursing is ever changing. The only thing that is a sure thing is CHANGE!

But, we did get to have a pretty cool in service on transportation last week.

Unfortunately, I asked if we could take pictures close to the end of the in service so I didn't get photos of everyone practicing our skills on each other.

The medical industry is fascinating! The things we learned, just super cool. I can't wait to get started in clinicals this week...although I am really nervous. No way I am going to show it though. I am totally going to fake it until I make it, or make a mistake. Then I will probably freak out. Please don't let me make a big med error!!!!

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