Friday, January 30, 2015

First Solo and Ensemble Performance

Trombone success for my son!

This evening was his very first ever Solo and Ensemble competition. He and his partner, Kevin, played Doodle All the Way, and might I say, he did a pretty good job.

He got some great feedback from the judge. He told the boys that he was aware that they started off a bit rocky, but corrected themselves, and did much better on the second part. He told them that they came prepared, had a good ear for music, and were on their way to being successful band members. He wanted the boys to work on putting more air through the trombone to make the sound stronger and more consistent. Good note.

I was concerned at first, because Caleb came home with a cut lip from an unfortunate locker-meets-face situation. Playing the trombone with a fat lip is pretty difficult. But he never complained, felt very confident, and was proud of his performance. He finds out the results on Monday.

His progress continues to make me so proud. I really want to try to focus on the positives and meet him right where he is today. That's difficult to do with Autism because I can really see the difference in him and his peers. But right where he is awesome!!!

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