Monday, January 19, 2015

The ultimate let down...

This week at college was Welcome Week.

They had several things planned to welcome back students, some of which, my fellow nursing students and I were excited to try.

Tuesday was free ice cream sundaes from 11-1pm. We got out of class for lunch at noon and a group of us raced to main campus to snag a bit of ice cream.

Empty table, ratty table cloth, and a spoon was all that was left at the ice cream table.

It was a long walk back.

Wednesday was free pancake breakfast. We were in! Here's the kicker. They were serving breakfast at 9am....and we were in simulation lab at 9. There was no way we could be late or miss it. No pancakes for you!

Thursday was supposed to be free frito pies and hot dogs from 11-2pm. A group of about 11 of us run out of simulation lab, super excited to get something warm and free. Remember...poor college hopes of being able to participate in SOMETHING for the week?!

We finally arrive...sign says that it costs $3.75!!!! Not to mention that we all had been planning on this for the week...we didn't have cash...we didn't bring our lunches...AND THEY WERE OUT!!!!! AT NOON!!!! How were they planning to keep serving until 2pm when they were sold out at 12?

This is what some angry and disappointed nursing students look like.

It was so funny the look on everyone's faces that I had to take a picture.

Needless to say, we were unable to participate all week long. Sad face!

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