Monday, January 12, 2015

Nursing school semester #3 begins

And today was my first day back.

It's my last semester in these tacky khaki scrubs!!! YIPEE!!!

Our schedule is so weird. Nursing school schedule is unlike any other college schedule. I am taking a moment to get used to it.

This semester I am taking Mental Health and Med-Surg. Schedule is as follows:

Monday- Simulation lab 0800-1600

Tuesday- Med Surg 0800-1200
              Mental Health 1300-1600



We are tying up some loose ends the first few weeks of school, taking a dosage exam, and practicing all our skills before they will let us run wild at clinicals. I kid...our professors will be breathing down our necks at clinicals so it's ok.

Nervous excitement. That's how I describe it. So, I'm not sure how much I time I will have. Maybe more than last semester since we were at school every day. It seems like we will be there less, but I am just not sure yet. Anyway, here's to another semester. May the 16 weeks move swiftly and be full of experiences!

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