Friday, January 9, 2015

Nassau, The Bahamas: Day 5

Happy New Year!!!!

Our family spent New Year's day in gorgeous Nassau, The Bahamas.

Upon arrival, we found out that the city was essentially closed for business until noon during their Junkanoo Festival celebrating New Year's Day. That really wasn't an issue for us, because we had a private island excursion planned for that day.

The four of us waited on the pier for about 20 minutes as everyone that would be participating in the excursion with us got off the boat, since we would be having to take a transfer boat to the island. It was a chance to take some pictures around the port, and to stare wishfully at the Disney Wonder parked along side us.

First of all...the boat ride was packed, but it was a beautiful day, the island music was blaring, and we were in paradise. There was NOTHING to complain about.

The tour guide gave us a really cool review of the history of the island and surrounding islands during our 20 minute boat ride.

Once on Balmoral Island, we were greeted by dolphins and sting rays, just hanging out by the pier. It was so cool!

We had our own cabana...well...because we are super white. We burn in the sun, and then just turn white again. So, our max out in the sun is about 2 hours, with a TON of sunscreen on.

It was simply gorgeous! Our cabana was filled with drinks and snacks and it overlooked a lovely salt water pool lined with palm trees. We were right next to a group of bathrooms (thank the Lord!) and we were just 20 feet or so from the white sand beaches.

My friends, the water was icy. Freezing!!!!

The kids spent their time swimming in the pool and on the beach treasure hunting.

Josh and I spent our time with a few drinks, relaxing in the sun, chatting about how amazing this trip has been.

It was probably my favorite day of the trip. We all vacation in different ways, but this gave each of us a chance to do what we wanted. We ended the trip all taking a nap in our cabana until the transfer boat came to get us.

When we got back on the boat and took our showers, the 4 of us stood out on our balcony and watched the other ships leave the port before us. It was just perfect!

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