Friday, August 7, 2015

Another nursing school semester down....

Yes, Lord!

Yesterday, I took 2 finals and brought my 11 week summer courses to a beautiful end. 

I am so excited that we are only looking 9 more months until graduation and I can take my licensure exam and finally become a Registered Nurse. Things are so crazy!!!! Things are so hectic!!!!

The program is making some major changes: new instructors, new schedules, new program director, new group of juniors. It's so awesome to realize that our group is the senior group. God bless it!

This Fall is supposed to look like the following:


Tuesday-simulation lab


Thursday-Med Surg 2 and 3

Things are always subject to change but this should be my final semester of actual classwork. The Spring will be preceptorship. Hopefully within the next couple of months we will find out who our preceptors are and what our assignment is. I'm crossing my fingers for UTMB Angleton and looking to either ER or Med Surg. I don't really want to do either preference would either be Hospice, Wound Care, or Labor and Delivery, in that order, but the  school requires us to choose between Med Surg, ER, and ICU. 

Fingers crossed that I get something good. 

Now I can enjoy a nice two week break before the Fall Madness begins. Let's get this party started!!!!!

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