Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vacation to Orlando, Florida (Cabana Bay Beach Resort/Universal Studios) Day #1

This past weekend, my family and I took some time away to go to Florida. We really needed this and have been looking forward to it for about 2 months now. 

We had a later afternoon flight, but left in the morning. 

We arrived at the airport, parked in the parking garage, checked in, found our gate, and immediately went to eat at Pappadeaux. It was ok. We ate fried alligator, which was actually quite good and gumbo, which was not good. Kind of a bummer. Then for the 2 hour wait as our flight was delayed. 

Once in Orlando, we realized it was raining, which would prove to be a daily thing. Sigh. We didn't get to the hotel until about 9pm and we were pretty worn out and snippy. But the hotel was so, so, so, cute! I love anything 1950s and 1960s so Cabana Bay Beach resort was perfect! Here are a few pictures of the resort that night...

The view from our room...

And photos of our room...

We grabbed a bite to eat, explored the resort, and then drifted off to sleep, ready to get the next day started. 

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