Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hall and Oates concert

    This weekend, the hubs and I were able to get away for a quick overnight trip to go see Hall and Oates. I was wearing my Private Eyes shirt, full on makeup, and was ready to go!

We love Hall and Oates. At dinner we made bets on how many songs we thought we WOULDN'T know. I chose 3, Josh chose 2, and in the end...we were only unfamiliar with 1 song!

On the way to Houston, we stopped in Pearland to eat at Red Robin. Dang, that place is delicious. The only down side is that I really wanted to eat some of their fried pickles. They use pickle spears and I love their batter. Unfortunately, they no longer make them. Sigh....But my meal was incredible. 

Once in the Woodlands, we checked in at the Holiday Inn and immediately tried to take a nap...because that's how we roll. When we don't have children or dogs, we try to nap. Their beds are super comfy. 

After freshening up, we drove over to Market Street to do a little shopping. Josh wanted to find a new shirt from Tommy Bahama and thankfully, we found a really nice one. We then went to eat at Jasper's for dinner. Another delicious meal and a great atmosphere. Our server was really helpful and the food was great!

We found some free parking pretty close to the pavilion and took a relaxing walk down the water way. It was still pretty hot but there was a nice breeze going. 

We had really good seats!

I have to say, this was the shortest concerts I have ever been to. They packed a ton of hits into a small amount of time though. Hall and Oates came on stage a little after 8pm and we were walking out at 9:45pm. I could have listened for another hour or so. They were so great!

It was really nice to have some time away, just me and my husband. This was our 3rd date all year!!! We just don't see each other enough, and it puts a strain on us both. We need to work harder to make more time for each other. But, I am thankful for what I can get!

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