Friday, September 11, 2015

Senior nursing class

Ok, so We have just completed 3 weeks of the Fall semester with about 12 weeks left. After we had a syllabus review this past week, we found out that all clinical and course work should be finished by Thanksgiving break with us to return just for finals. Well that is music to my ears. 

This semester has already been extremely difficult. We are taking two semesters worth of Med Surg this Fall, it's moving very quickly, and we are having weekly exams. So far, I have not done so well. I am quite used to getting mostly A's with the occasional B, but on the first two exams, my grades are 78 and 82. Ouch. 

In order to stay in the program, you must have a 75 exam average. I really need to be studying more, I guess. That paired with the online assignments makes for a busy semester. Then comes simulation lab and clinical. We only have the first two week's worth of clinical scheduled since they are still working on permission for a few locations but next week I will be at UTMB surgery and ER followed by 2 days of home health based out of a private company and our local hospital. I'm cautiously optimistic about the experiences but a little worried about the amount of paperwork that has to be completed for each clinical day. I'm sure it will all work out in the wash, but boy I am ready for this semester to be over already. 

Last Thursday, our group got together to take a photo. I think they turned out pretty good. 

This one was in the lobby of our building...

And this one is to compare to last year's photo...

The top photo is our Junior photo from last year and the bottom photo is our Senior photo. 

I also ordered my pinning ceremony dress, so I have it hanging in my bathroom as a reminder and motivator to keep going....graduation is only 8 months away...and I need to lose some weight to look my best. 

I am so ready to get my license and officially be a Registered Nurse!!!

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