Saturday, December 12, 2015

Camper updates

There were a few things that I wanted to get started on immediately. The first thing was the curtains. Those had to go!

This is what she looked like....

So while Lucy has good bones, she needs some freshening up. The existing curtains were polka dot, flowers, and some weird solid neon greenish yellow color. Um, no. That is not going to work for me. 

Originally I thought, aqua and red...maybe cherries. But I didn't like any of the cherry fabric I saw.....

So I feel in love with these two fabrics...

Once I saw them both in the camper, it was the birds all the way. It wasn't too busy, had a vintage feel, and had a variety of colors that I could build off of for recovering the cushions and all. 

I ran back to Hobby Lobby and spent $22 on a few yards of fabric and got to work. I'll need to go back later and get some more to address the bathroom and the extra hammock space that is sitting over the back window in the little cubby. 

I love how it turned out though. LOVE it. 

Originally, I thought about painting the brown oven/stove, but the more I look at it with the new fabric, the more I like it. It can always be changed later on. 

Still left on the list:
*recover the cushions
*add a vintage clock
*add some vintage dish towels
*find a Scotty badge to install on the outside
*update the bathroom stall (I say that because it is literally a closet with a toilet and a shower head)
*add a colorful bunting
*make 4 small pillows
*hang some hooks and decor

and figure out where to put it at our house. We are going to movie it into the backyard and I am thinking we will either put it along the side of the house or on the concrete in the backyard. We shall see. 

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