Saturday, December 12, 2015

I got a vintage camper!!!!!

Wow! My husband finally managed to surprise me. I am notoriously difficult to surprise, but it finally happened. 

I must admit, that I was being a jerk. My husband has been spending a ton of time away from the family hanging out with his friend. Now I really like his friend, and they have fun together, and they help each other out a lot. Josh and I don't usually fight about the normal things that couples fight about. WE have those under control. But, he is a workaholic, and we always argue that he is not spending enough time with me and the kids. He either doesn't take off time from work to spend with us, or if he does, it's to be gone with someone else. Well, anyway, he had been off work for 5 days in a row and 4 of those days he had been out with his friend. I just wanted him to understand the need for balance. You have to spend time with us too. 

So we had argued a lot last week. Then he did what he normally does when I get grumpy about not spending time, he took me out. We went to Houston. And when we came back, he went right back to his friend.....every day. By this point I was getting really irritated. Not at his friend, but at the amount of time he was gone. I say all this to say...I was really mad...I was picking fights with him, griping, and then giving him the silent treatment. By Wednesday, I had had enough. We fought that morning and I told him I was done begging him for his time and I was just going to do my own damn thing. 

For some reason that afternoon, after I had been running a million errands, trying to coordinate all the kids things, and taking my drugged mom to have dental surgery, he had been blowing up my phone. Asking me where I was, what I was doing, when I was going to be home, being really nice....and I was irritated and felt like he was checking up on me for some unknown reason. I actually hung up on him. 

So after school, I had to hunt down Jansen because he had to stay for music practice, and I was just exhausted. I hadn't showered, I was going non stop, I had no makeup on, and I just wanted to be left alone and to go to bed. 

As I turned onto my street, I see a precious, tiny vintage camper in my front yard with Josh, his friend, and his wife sitting under the awning on a bench. 

Then I felt like a total a-hole. Honestly...that's the most appropriate description for it. 

Evidently...yes, he had been spending a lot of time with his friend, but a lot of that time was spent searching for a camper to purchase for me as a surprise. The three of them had been working on it for 2 weeks. The hubs said he knew the only way he could pull off the surprise and have me leave him alone enough to get it done was for me to be mad at him. I know this is his way of making things up to me. This is his MO...when I am upset, he buys me something to try to smooth it over. It works for a while. 

But this is huge!!!!! I have been wanting one for years and years and they are very hard to come by. Especially one that is in good enough condition to go out now, but still needs a bit of work to make it my own. They did so good!!!

So here she is...Josh already named her Lucy...1963 Scotty camper. I love her!!!!!! 1963 is like my favorite year was almost too perfect!

There she is folks....10 feet of my very own space. Space to decorate how I use how I go somewhere alone or with friends. Such joy!

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