Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's been a month..time for a recap

Things have been so chaotic in the month since I have posted. Since May, so many things have happened to us. We have been going non stop!

Here's what has been going on:

I graduated from nursing school

I took and passed my NCLEX licensure exam and became an official RN

The kids finished up school with all A's and B's. They even won some citizenship and achievement awards. I am so proud of my now 8th and 6th graders

I interviewed for 3 jobs and got offered 2 of them

I took one of the jobs and am now the new school nurse at Ogg Elementary

We sold our house

We bought a new house

We moved. UGH!

We had a historic flood in the area three days after we moved and were flooded in our house for 9 days. It didn't get in the house thankfully but we were stranded there with police at the front of our subdivision.

The kids spent a week in Bandera with their grandparents

Josh and I went on our 10th cruise...but 1st one ever alone together. It was great!

We are continuously working on the house to give it our personal touch.

I will blog about each one of these individually as I have time...and throw some pictures at you for each one. But for now...that's what's up in our lives!

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