Friday, August 4, 2017

Missing in Action

Holy crap! I assure you that this is the only thing I can say when I realized that it has been since December of last year since I posted, and even then, I was behind two months. Total craziness. 

My only excuse was that I was working and had kids and dogs and a husband and I got way out of it. But it's really time to get back, I think. So here's the Cliff's Notes update of my life since October 2016. 

Halloween: Caleb was a Mario character, Jansen was Sans from Undertale, I was Laverne to my friend, Carmela's Shirley, and we hosted trick or treating at our house. We ate 50 cent corndogs as usual and Jansen made a graveyard cake for dessert.

 Moving on to November. Trump won the election..I didn't vote for him...I was depressed...I started Christmas decorating the day after the election. 

My parents took my camper to their house and decorated her for Christmas... (she's so cute!)

I hosted a food drive at my school to benefit the Brazoria County Dream Center which runs the Backpack Buddies program to give students food through the year. That turkey box was a labor of love for me....

We had Thanksgiving at my cousin's house. The hubs had to work and Jansen made a cheesecake. 

My husband took me to see The Nutcracker for the first time ever and I loved it ever so much!

December rolled around and we were super busy as usual. 

My kids decorated their first ever gingerbread house. I just built it and showed them how to pipe, and they did everything else.


The kids started with their donations: the SPCA, packing shoeboxes to send overseas, and our Foster family change drive, which enabled us to adopt 4 children from the Salvation Army tree and buy everything on their need and want list. 

We hosted the dessert portion of our church's youth group progressive dinner, which was super fun!

And we got ready for all the Christmas parties we had planned. I'll leave that for another post so it will just include Christmas festivities.

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