Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas in the Park

Yesterday, Nana and I braved the suddenly freezing cold weather to take the boys to Clute's Christmas in the Park. Earlier that day, myself and some other PTA moms had put up our school tree there and decorated it with hundreds of Panda bears, carefully colored by our students. Caleb was able to find his panda almost immediately, even though it was on the back of the tree.

We had candy, drank hot chocolate, visited with Santa, toasted marshmallows, and played games with the clowns. The kids had a blast, both asking Santa for a football. They had already written a letter to him just before the park, and were excited to tell him all about the letters. This was Caleb's first year to actually understand the concept of asking for a toy and being good in order to get that toy. Usually kids' lists are long...Jansen is only 4 and he asked for three things, but Caleb....just the football. We are going today to mail them off.

Next week begins the official holiday madness. Baking for two class Christmas parties, providing gifts and donations, Christmas programs, and then comes the holiday break from school for over 2 weeks. AGH!!!! We are all really looking forward to it though. Lots of family, lots of food, lots of presents, the birth of our Savior...we are incredibly blessed!

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