Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well, we got a big winter storm this year on the coast yesterday, and it snowed all day. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it did not stick to the ground, but covered it with a nice layer of frosty ice. When the kids and I went outside this morning, it had knocked over our umbrella and froze it to the ground, filled our fire pit with water and froze the lid to it, and probably killed our freshly layed sod in the front yard. Jansen was so excited to see it that he ran out, and before I could tell him to be careful, he hit an ice patch and his feet slipped right out from under him and he busted his rear-end and his head. He is ok, but sore!

In other Powell happenings, we have a new pet. We took the kids to the pet store to purchase a betta fish....something strong and virtually care free. Caleb picked out a red one and we found a small aquarium that everyone could agree on. As we paid for everything, I asked Jansen what we should name him. Jansen thought for a moment, and then said, "Um, I think we will call him Finn, and he will be my buddy." The kids were very excited to have him home and kept yelling, "welcome to your new home, Finn."
Funny things Caleb says: It is always funny to hear how Caleb's brain works and what he comes up with. He really still doesn't understand abstract concepts and he often still reverses the order of his words in sentences. Yesterday I got up early to get dressed, and then woke up Caleb. He and I had breakfast together and I went to the sink to wash up some dishes. He said, "Mom, why are you dressed?" to which I laughed. Then I said, "well Caleb, I am going to substitute at Jansen's school, like your substitute teacher." And he thought for a minute and said, "You can't be a substitute teacher. You are a mom!" and I laughed. He is starting to get it.

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